About the Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant

Enjoy classic Indian cooking at the Taj Mahal restaurant after a lovely day along the seafront of Westbourne.

Located in the Westbourne area of Bournemouth, just a short walk from the main seafront, the Taj Mahal restaurant is a great choice for Indian dining in the seaside town. Serving a wide variety of Indian dishes from the various regions of the Indian subcontinent, The Taj Mahal is the perfect choice for any Indian food fan. The restaurant attracts a good mix of local residents and visitors to Bournemouth with its well-priced and varied menu, great quality dishes and excellent service which all guarantee they return.

Named after India's most famous landmark, The Taj Mahal is a traditional Indian eatery in every way. The pink and white frontage with its classic Indian arches gives way to a pleasant dining room with classic furnishings and well-presented tables. Service is excellent as one would expect from a good Indian restaurant, with staff attentive yet unobtrusive.

The Taj Mahal has been established over 57 years and we are noted for the excellence of our cuisine, and we feel sure that from our wide range of Indian and Bangladeshi dishes you will find a selection to suit your taste.

All of our dishes at Taj Mahal Restaurant are cooked to order using locally-sourced fresh ingredients and are combined with exotic spices from around the world, all expertly prepared and cooked. Cooking from scratch means the chefs at Taj Mahal are flexible to amend the dishes with any ingredients and amendments to spices desired by patrons.

We are human, and sometimes we may do something which you do not like or you may want to eat something that is not on our menu! If this happens please don't be too shy to ask to speak to us, tell us your needs and what you want. We want to please you but we can't if you don't tell us if something is wrong or if you want something cooking in a certain way .

Please advise your server should you have any food allergies or intolerances, or if you wish to change the ingredients of any dish before ordering.

If you would like any suggestions to help you in your choice, we will be most happy to oblige.

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